Welcome to Paonia!

Named after the Peony flower, the original settlers in the area decided to name this beautiful place after the flower that thrived in the area. They chose to follow the greek spelling of Peony, which is Paeonia. In 1902 when it was formally incorporated Paeonia was actually spelled Paonia. Whether misspelled by error or intention, the name has stayed true to its origin- Peony’s from the original roots can still be found in Paonia more than 100 years later.

Paonia offers an exception array of diverse and domestic tributes. With its impressive orchards and local produce, Paonia has made a delicious name for itself and its residents. Fresh peaches, apples, cherries, apricots, prunes and grapes are widely known and valued across all of Delta County. While Paonia was built among the same settlers as Hotchkiss, it offers a different atmosphere with an interest for everyone. From artistic galleries to  local artisans, Paoina offers a wonderful assortment of activities.

With a population of over 1,633, Paonia has a small town atmosphere, but is big on pride and local awareness. Paonia features its own radio station, KVNF, 90.9, and its own award winning environmental newspaper, The High Country News.

If you’re interested in exploring Paonia, we suggest you visit The Delta County Historical Museum, Paonia’s main website or Delta County Colorado for a complete list of local hotels and activities.

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