Welcome to Delta!

Delta began as one of the major trading posts in 1828 to Ute Indians, Whites and Trappers. Because of it’s convenient location between the Uncomphaghre and Gunnison River, Delta became a thoroughfare for anyone interested in trading their goods. Today, a live replication of Ft. Uncompaghre, the original trading post, is located 1.5 miles upriver from the heart of Delta. Considered to be a historical adventure to all Delta natives, Ft. Uncompaghre is certainly a valued asset to Delta’s community and history.

With a population of over 6,900, Delta is the largest city in Delta County. While Delta is the heart of the county, it is mainly known as the City of Murals. Several realistic and historical images are creatively painted on many buildings in downtown Delta. Drive down Main Street and you’ll be surprised at how realistic these appear!

Two words: Sensational Setting! Delta offers uncompromising panoramic views of all the surrounding mountains. Fresh streams and rivers run throughout the county making this a beautiful place to call home. With easy access to numerous outdoor activities, there are plenty of hobbies to enjoy!

If you’re interested in exploring Delta and its Historical background, we suggest you visit The Delta County Historical Museum or Delta County Colorado for a complete list of local hotels and activities.

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