Linda Lane

Linda Lane, a very respected and well-known individual, is the personal assistant to Pam Atchley. With a strong and heavy background in banking, she brings a great knowledge to The Atchley Group. Starting in the banking industry in 1981, she continued until 1988 when she and her husband where the owners and operators of The Delta Sales Yard. In 1995 they sold the business and moved to Las Vegas, N.V. Once in Las Vegas she worked at a construction company as the office manager specializing in banking and organizing their finances. In 2000 she began working as a history teacher at a private academy, which she loved. In 2009 Linda and her husband, Mike, moved back to beautiful Delta, Colorado. She began working in real estate in 2009 and is currently working as a personal assistant to Pam Atchley, her sister.

Linda has 5 grandchildren with whom she thoroughly enjoys spending time with. She loves the outdoors, horses and spending time with her husband in their mountain cabin.

Our group motto sums her up!